Location: Dubai, UAE
Dates: 23-25 May 2023

For more than three decades, INDEX Dubai serves as an unparalleled platform for the world’s leading brands to engage with influential buyers in the region, including esteemed professionals such as interior designers, architects, and retailers. The event affords us an invaluable opportunity to connect with key stakeholders, foster meaningful relationships, and showcase our offerings to a discerning audience.

The design of our booth, meticulously crafted with ethnic motifs and showcasing exquisite handmade CNC workmanship, garnered significant interest from our esteemed visitors. We were pleased to witness the warm reception our booth received, a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship that we have incorporated into our display.

With the advantage of a robust and diverse product portfolio, we were able to engage in meaningful negotiations and explore valuable collaborations with esteemed brands. This opportunity has further strengthened our position in the industry and provided us with a platform for future growth and success.

We eagerly look forward to participating in INDEX Dubai again next year, with the anticipation of reconnecting with familiar faces, forging new relationships, and showcasing our latest designs.